Satan and the White Race

Satan created all of the races through genetic engineering, but the White race is different from the other races because they come from Satan directly. If you havent noticed, Satan and some of the other Daemon Gods have fair skin and many have blond hair.

Now some of you may have been brainwashed and conditioned to hate the white race because of Jewish lies. One black Gentiles came to me and asked me if I was really black because he said that I am trying to make blacks follow a "white god"...

What he forgot to mention was that all the races of the world spoke of White looking Gods who came from the sky in spaceships, etc. This has been documented. These ancient people were just showing the truth and what is. There are also different races of extra-terrestrial Gods who are not White.

The Black Race and the other non-White races were created by Satan and the other Daemons so that there could be new races/ bloodlines to be extensions of the divine family on Earth.

The White race is an extension of Satan's bloodline on Earth, it is natural for them to have certain strengths or skills that some of the other races do not have. The White race has brought to the world technological advancement and modern civilizations, i.e the western civilization/ the 1st world.

Now, I need to make something clear, because The Jew has created so many hostile vibes and negative associations with Race, Most people are sensitive and have an inferiority complex, thanks to the Jews trying to make the differences in the race's a bad thing. I had one Black member come to me and tell me that because the White race has certain talents and abilities, he felt down and sad about it. This of course will be common for many since the lie of JEWISH equality has created a backlash. I already wrote about this in: Race Reality and Evolution

Its imporant to know that nothing in nature is equal and thats just fine. Each of the races has strengths and weaknesses that the Jews exploit and use. The Jews have also done a great job in making Blacks feel inferior. This needs to change. I also see that degeneration and Jewish brainwashing has manifested in all the races according to their own traits.

If one you are going to be jealous of the White race, then I guess you also will be jealous of Satan too?? Sounds funny, but its the same concept.

Our Black ancient ancestors have used the knowledge given to them by Satan and the Gods to reach a higher level. There have been many Blacks who have become Gods through this knowledge, so have the Asian people a long time ago. If you pay attention to ancient records and oral traditions from the different races of the world, you will see that they all mentioned demi-Gods and humans who had psychic and godly abilities. These all come from the blood of Satan and the Gods that are all within us.

Satan intended for all the races to transform themselves into Gods but then the enemy stopped this and closed our chakras and cut us off from spirtuality. This is even mentioned in the Bible...

The Jew wants to destroy, and enslave all the races of Satan but the Jew is the biggest enemy to the White race. The Jews have been working to destroy the White race by using the Black race and the others for their agenda, as well as forcing Europe to take in violent migrants and foreign invaders to genocide them. This is a big situation.

Unless we do something about it and band together to stop the Jews, the White race will be extinct through genocide and then no one will be able to impede the Jew's plan. The other non-White races will be brutally enslaved under the Jewish global plantation with Communism enforced.


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