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 Judaism and Communism


Judaism is not just the religion of the Jew. It is in their souls. It reveals their psychological inclinations concerning all of us- Satan's creation.

This is what the Jews preach about us- a quote from their Jewish Talmud:




This "religion" is nothing more than the mindset of the Jew, pure and simple. It is their practice and implication of what they have planned for all Gentiles (non-Jews). It is also connected to the Hebrew curses they have been casting on humanity for centuries, through blood sacrifices and performing magick rituals through  their "holy" book, the Torah.


If you study the Torah, and through the Talmud, you will find that Jews are the most hateful, evil, racist and degenerate beings. The things they say about non-Jews, and what they have done and what they plan to do to us is utterly DISGUSTING.

Jewish Scholar Dibre David says: "If the Gentiles knew what we are teaching against them, they would kill us"

In Jewish religous writings, they call us beasts, animals and cattle that only exist to serve them. More on this: Kabbalah Exposed


The Jews have turned us against our true Gods and they plan to enslave us through Communism.

Communism is when the state seizes control of all wealth, and property and the ruling class assumes the role of God (Jews). The Gentiles will be all 'equal' under god, meaning total slaves that are equally used and disposed of/ thrown away, to be used and worked to death completely. This is also what is dictated in the Jewish Torah.

There will be no sense of identity, culture, and freedom whatsoever. Your existence will only be to serve Jews.The suffering will be unimaginable. Just look at history and the 100+ millions upon millions of people who have suffered and died because of Jewish communism. This is nothing to take lightly. The Jews have succeeded in Communizing places like North Korea, Cuba, China, Vietnam- a couple of countries like South Africa and Venezuela are on its way there. The people are suffering, starving and have no freedoms and are at the mercy of the goverment. Study these communistic countries and you will get a taste of the world's fate if the Jews win.

"The soul of Communism is the soul of Judaism"- Jewish Rabbi Harry Waton


We already see the early plans of Communism manifesting today. Luckily we have our Gods who are helping us stop this.

Know more about the Jews and their plans to destroy and enslave us:
Exposing Christianity

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