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 Race Reality and Evolution


Each race was created specifically by the mind of our God and through genetic engineering, to varying degrees. So each race has certain strengths and purposes that go into the metaphysical. We all have the blood and essence of the gods. 
The different gentile races where given the same knowledge by the Gods and this shows that the purpose and creation of each race from the start and end is with the Magnum Opus. 

Because of so many years of lies and forced egalitarianism (the idea that every one is equal at every single thing) it has caused a culture of denial and fear, that if you speak of these truths, that one will be labeled as racist,"Nazi" or full of hate. We live in an age where everyone is sensitive and anyone is shunned if the reality of race of race is mentioned: Differences in the races and that they exist.

**I want to quickly note that when I say we are all not equal, I mean in traits, characteristics, skills and capabilities. It is up to each person to cultivate their own talents. Every one should be treated equally in that we all should have equality of a good standard of living-- having clean food and water, access to a good quality of life, justice, opportunities to exercise self determination, etc**

Getting back to the matter-- Humans are part of the earth and animal kingdom and just like different species of plants and animals, the human races of the world are not capable of doing the same things and we do not all have the same skills and abilities.

Do Horses and Wolves get upset and angry at birds because they can fly? Are Cats jealous of Fish because they can swim and survive under water? These different animal species have their own intelligence and skills created by nature. Same with the races-  They have different biologies, hormone levels, development and capabilities.

Another truth now is nothing in nature is equal. Nothing.


So why is it okay to classify different animal species and plant species but it seems to be a big problem when we go into the differences in the Human race?

Well the biggest reason is to prepare humanity for *communism* and to be slaves. The enemy considers all of the races of the world as disposable, interchangeable, blank, empty and worthless animals with NO culture, identity, unique traits and differences. We are all the same under "God" and with this being so, we are ALL slaves with nothing but numbers to identify us. We are reduced to nothing. They own the media and so this is how they brainwash and indoctrinate us all! The goal is also to keep us from realizing our strengths and weakness and from being able to understand our differences. This goes further in with the current cultural climate of "political correctness." It has become a shit show this day and age.

Let us go further into race:

 Race is in our DNA, it is in our soul, it is our genetics, our roots and it also determines our psychological traits and inclinations as well as our higher aspects and weaknesses.

 The enemy has taken each race's unique traits and have turned them into something ugly and harmful, to work to destroy each other. Where as Satan stands for diversity, racial love and cultivation. No matter what anyone says, race matters. It is psycho-spiritual and psycho-biological.

With race being part of our biological wiring, it is natural for people to be attracted to their own kind and feel the need to be around and with people of their own, first and foremost. People are programmed to naturally favor and look out for their own kind. We see this everyday when we look at people of different races coming to gather in their own communities despite living in multi-cultural societies. I live in America, yet Arabs, Chinese and Hispanics all live among themselves separated from the rest, for example. You also see this in prison. People naturally stick with their own. This is just natural and the TRUTH! No amount of lies will ever change this.

Humans are tribal. Simple. This is part of nature and NATURE DOESNT MAKE MISTAKES. It is the enemy that is trying to take away everyone's sense of identity and what makes us unique.

Each of the gentile races are at different stages of evolution and each has the ability to reach a state of super consciousness, and this is the purpose of our existence from our creator Satan and the Gods.

"The purpose of Life is to better the yourself and the Universe" - Satan

Hail Satan and the races of the Earth!

High Priestess Shannon



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