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 Jews started the Black Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade


The Jewish race has caused TREMENDOUS suffering to the Black race, and they still are doing so to this day!  Of the many, one of the biggest catastrophes are that of the Slave Trade.

Jews benefitted and  have become VERY rich and prosperous because of the enslavement of our people. The Jews have blamed it on the White race.  Jews owned the slave ships and made up the bulk of the population that owned slaves. While White people abolished and worked to end the slavery in America.

"The Jews didn't even really sell slaves to Whites. In all reality only 1.4 percent of Whites owned slaves in America. Most America Whites didn't agree with it and put major regulations on it. Jews owned the majority of slaves. The Jews mainly sold them to other Jews, the slaves where used in the Jewish run industries that slaves were used to facilitate such as the sugar cane plantations. This is the source of how the Jews really made their wealth the Jew bankers, slavers, planation owners and such were all working together this was key to the rise of the massive wealth power of the Jewish bankers as well." -HP Mageson666 


Judaism, the racial religion of the Jews, says that all Gentiles (non-Jews) are like that of animals and only exist to serve the Jew. Now what do you think will happen to the Black race again once the Jews get total global control of the nations of the Earth? This is dictated in their Torah/ Old testament of the Bible that they will control the world and establish a New World Order under Communism.

Do not be deceived!


Please educate yourselves on the Truth:

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What you need to know about the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade and the suffering of Blacks

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Doctor Tony Martin, a Black professor and black nationalist who has written books and put out videos about the Jews.

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(*Note-this website is an archive of the original site*)

 We Thought They Were White
Another wonderful website from another Black man who has written about Jews being separate from the White race and how Jews enslaved the Black Race.


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