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The Enemy: The Jewish Race


There is a war going on. A war between Satan's creation, who are the Gentile (non-Jew) races of the world and  the beings know as Jews.

On the situation with Jews...

"They are not my people"- Satan

When Jews are mentioned, people think of those who only practice the religion known as "Judaism." This is false. Jews are a race and DNA tests show and prove this. (More info on that below)

Being a Jew is not just practicing Judaism. Even Jews admit this that they come from a separate genetic line.  Jew's have a different racial and psycho-biological make-up.


"The Jewish religion states the Jews are a special race that came from "out there beyond this world" this is openly stated by Rabbi Laitman as well in this famous talk to the nation of Israel. The Jewish religion states the Jewish race was created by YHVH and has a special blood line from YHVH which only the Jews have. These rabbis even describe their masters as tall beings with scales...

It doesn't get any more credible than the source itself.

The Jewish racial gene is called the Cohen gene and has Reptilian DNA in it. The Rabbi's state the Jews share a special spiritual connection to these Reptilians to their collective racial consciousness for such reason. The Jewish leadership write on the fact they received their entire religion from these Reptilians this includes all the Kabbalah practices that form the whole of it. Its simply a criminal system of using the collective psychic power of the Gentiles mass mind and connecting into this to materialize the Global rule of the Jews and their "Masters".  - HP Mageson666


Know more about Reptilian genetics and Jews on the spiritual level



Jews have been able to blend into other gentile races and cultures but their DNA is ever-present and carries on. Its like a parasite clinging to its host. Mixing within races in order to infiltrate.

Jews are NOT white people. Many of them have mixed with whites over some time and have taken up some of their features such as lighter skin, lighter eyes and hair. Since they look similar to white people and many are mixed with white, they are automatically lumped into the white race. But their alien nature is always there. They are connected at the soul level.

Jews only claim to be white when it fits their agenda and plans, so that the blame can go on the white race. Look at these examples of jews pretending to be white to shit talk about them and fool the rest. This is just a small example among a sea of jews doing this.




Now, look at some of these example pictures of Jews more so of the purer type...they are NOT White People. Look at these pictures and then try to convince yourself that these are not a different race on it's own... Pay attention to the features and complexion.They have different genetics.These are real pictures of celebrities.

Further below are links to even more pictures to teach you to tell the differences:



Understanding Jewish Genetics

 As far as we all know, and from the research on their history spiritually and physically, they are an alien hybrid race that are also mixed with some gentile DNA. Pretty much the same way that we were genetically engineered, so were they. They have reptilian DNA.

The difference is Satan created us with care, love and thought. The Jews come from an entirely different species and albeit created without the same "purpose" and thought as we were. Satan and the gods are evolved, loving and moral beings, and so this will reflect in their creations: Us.

The Jews come from ruthless and destructive beings, of course they will be of something that reflects it. The Jews have many genetic diseases because of this as well, and not to mention the said mixing with gentiles over time. Their genes are weakened and out of whack.

Even as Jews age, you will see that they tend to look worse and worse. In Hollywood, I dare you to look up Jewish stars without their make-up and before plastic will see what I mean...


Since Jews are a different race created from different beings, they have a long list of diseases exclusive  to them.

Jewish diseases Link

Scientific data from Jewish and non-Jewish sources show that they have different RACIAL genetics hence different psychological inclinations:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5


Know Your Enemy: How to recognize and spot a Jew

In order to know your enemy, you must be able to identify them. Here are two links to recognize Jews. It gets easier with time.

 How to identify a Jew  Part 1

How to identify a Jew  Part 2 (Also includes identifying them by their last names.)


Now there is something you should know and understand, Jews have infiltrated each race and spread their poisonous genetics to other races, Please read this link on " BLACK"  JEWS.

"Black" Jews


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