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 Spiritual Satanism


The entire purpose of Spiritual Satanism is to empower and transform the soul in order to advance and achieve immortality as the gods. This was Satan's purpose of creating and guiding humanity. Spiritual Satanism is a life loving religion. It is NOT about blood, evil and darkness!

Spiritual Satanism and the Sacred Path

Satanism acknowledges the existence of the spiritual and of our Souls completely. Satanism embraces life, freedom, knowledge and personal power. The longer you are in satanism and actively meditating and empowering your self, you  will get a handle on how energy works and find that the spiritual is VERY real.

In studying old traditional religions, it is apparent that all of them point towards empowerment of the soul and to become as the gods, a spiritual "sacrifice to the gods" must be made. This sacrifice has to do with empowering the bioelectric field and the energy centers of the soul consistently. When one increases the vibrational frequency of the soul, the physical body being connected to the soul, will change and morph to fit the new higher vibration. This is all achieved through power meditation.

Reaching godhead takes consistent  dedication and hard work but Satan and his Demons work with us to complete this transformation as we reach certain levels in our meditations.

Humanity has been completely cut off from true spirituality and this has caused all of us to degenerate and fall backwards on our development. This is why we have so many problems and horrible things happening in our world. With the coming of Christianity and Islam, the human soul has become corrupt, weakened and polluted.

The benefits of consistent meditation, yoga and empowering the soul:

 Healing of psychological trauma and addictions
An increase in intelligence and cognitive functions
Awareness and mental focus
Increased psychic ability 
The power to change your life to attract what you need through witchcraft and energy work
The ability to heal
Increased endurance and physical strength


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