The Human Soul

I remember when I was new to spirituality and the occult, I accepted the soul and was aware of its existence but I never fully understood it as much as I do now-- this is the result of being immersed in spiritual satanism, one will eventually reach a level where experiencing the soul and the physical becomes indivisible. Many people will make reference to the soul or claim to acknowledge it but how often do we all take the time to empower, "feel" and associate with ours.

As you all know, the soul is made of light and it thrives on it. Having a lot of light in the soul is synonymous with having higher spiritual attainment and power. Once we greatly increase the power of our souls, our physical bodies will adapt to this increased life force and change along with it.

The Soul and the Chakras Link

Besides the light spectrum, our souls are more identical to the Sun's energy than many people would think.

The ancient peoples all over the world acknowledged and paid homage to the Sun because of its central importance in spirituality and life in relation to our spiritual selves. The Sun is liken to the supreme manifestation of the life force, it is immensely powerful.

The word "Soul" is linked to the Latin word "Sol" which means Sun. In studying etymology, we know that many words in language are based off of Latin and Greek. And even for the languages that do not have origins in Latin or Greek, they still are related through likeness. For example, the Black Africans in the West that practice Odinani (solar worship), the word for Sun and the life force is Chi/Chineke. Chi is also the word for the soul/ spirit.

Scientists where finally able to capture an image of the Sun's light particles, and each one is in the shape of an equal armed cross! The equal armed cross is also seen in the Daemon sigils as well.


This further proves that Spiritual Satanism is the true path. The essence of this path is to transform and elevate the soul; to perfect our energies to that of the Sun. When we empower, perfect and align our souls, it becomes like that of the Sun.

The soul is a beautiful gift made by Satan and the Gods with their essence in all of us. It is our true selves. Aside from being made of light, our souls and energies are electromagnetic in nature, which is how we are able to attract, influence and able to be influenced by energies all around us, for better and for worse. This is why we must use our energies and will to program and direct these energies to get what we need and want. This is also why its very important for people to think and stay positive. This especially goes for spiritual satanist and those who meditate regularly. We will be influenced by our own thoughts which grow stronger as we meditate. Azazel reminded me of this.

Pay attention to your souls. Make everyday a Soul day. Keep your energies flowing by doing Yoga everyday, and movement. Qigong is great for opening up the soul as well. Get your blood flowing, feel the warmth of your movement, acknowledge it. Your body heat is the radiation of your soul's energy. Of course one can see that when you look at a dead body that is stiff and cold... it is devoid and empty of the soul and its life force.

Aside from housing our souls, our bodies are the vehicles that our souls use to navigate on the physical realm. As you all know, the physical body is equally important. Xians on the other hand pretty much live for their death and embrace it. This is the anti- life conditioning that the enemy program have brought onto us, whereas Satanism is a celebration of life on the physical and spiritual.
We need our bodies to empower and transform ourselves and to be whole. It is the physical manifestation of the soul (As HP Mageson has stated before). The blood being the physical manifestation of the soul's life force and so on. Actually, it is easy to argue that the endocrine glands are the physical manifestations of the chakras since they are aligned with them and empowering the chakras prevents the endocrine system from deteriorating thus halting the aging process.

If any of you are afflicted with a disease or ailment that you are not yet strong enough to heal, do what you can to improve it but always keep in mind that true healing will come from can empowered soul, do not lose hope. Whether it be a physical deformity or some mental or genetic defects, know that defects in the soul manifest in and on the body. In order to fully heal this, continue your soul empowerment because what you do on the spiritual will manifest on the physical. An empowered soul will preserve the body and make you radiate energy and enhance your own beauty and attraction as well, over time. This is especially important if one doesn't have the means to eat healthier and pure foods. The meditations and yoga empowerment will go along way in supplying and sustaining you with energy and life force if you cannot get it from your food.

In closing, celebrate the lives that you have and the opportunity that we have as satanists. Use the energy from the soul that Satan gave you to fix and correct yourselves. Work on your chakras as much as you can, do those *Reverse Torah Rituals* (reversing the centuries of Jewish curses) especially, as they do work to free us and in doing so, our soul's energies will be unbound and spiritual advancement will be easier. After doing the RTRs, I can feel my soul more. This is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
Hail Satan!

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