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South Africa and White Genocide 


All because of Jewish lies and propaganda, White people in South Africa are experiencing violence, a steady genocide and having the land that they farm on to feed the country, taken from them and being seized by the government.

South Africa, Jewish created Insanity

This goes beyond South Africa. The Jews have been waging war with the white race since the beginning as they want them gone. The White race is standing in the way of the Jews and their total control of the world.

The South Africa of today was built by the White Dutch people and modernized/industrialized. Contrary to what is said, the Blacks (Bantu) currently living in South Africa weren't on the land before the Whites came in. The land was inhabited by the Khoisan tribe who went extinct from that area before the South Africa today was built.

The land was not stolen from the Blacks in South Africa, it was legally signed over to the Whites who actually own a small percentage of the Land in South Africa. So why are the Whites in South Africa being targeted? Because the Jews want White people extinct and genocided, as they admit in there Torah. Stirring up racial tension between White and Black people are what they benefit from, its the same shit that they do in America as well. Since White people are aiding the economy in South Africa and supplying the food, having them killed off by the Blacks, the Jews can then take total control of the operation and land. They have NO intention of giving the land to the Blacks at all.

The Jews do not care about Black in South Africa. They just want the Blacks to be the slave labor on their Jewish plantation of Communism. Once that happens, they will really be enslaved. Look at how the Jews have control of the rest of Africa? No place will be spared from the Jewish enslavement.


Unfortunately the Jewish owned media is covering this up!

PDF link to information on the White genocide in South Africa * Warning this contains very graphic imagery*

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