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 South Africa and Jewish created Insanity



The Jews have destroyed, raped, and have caused constant wars and poverty in Africa: The goal is to steal the wealth of Africa and destroy the natives and their culture, with slavery being the end goal.

Jewish Destruction of Africa

The Jews are working to bring Africa down into one huge Jewish plantation state.

At present, South Africa is experiencing a fragile economy and racial conflict that has resulted in brutal murder, crime and violence. As of now, we are looking at an attempted genocide of the White population living there-in as well. What we are see in now in South Africa is a blue-print of what the Jews have in store for the Black and White race in the Americas. The Jews are trying to start a race war between the two races.

The Jews have lied to and convinced the Blacks in South Africa that they have been enslaved by the Whites and that their land was taken from them. This is not true. They are trying to put Blacks and Whites against each other as this was seen with Apartheid. The end result is genocide and mass death of the races, Jews benefit and profit off of using Blacks to destroy the White race and bring about a communistic revolution.

The Jews have instigated civil wars with their foreign intelligence agencies, and have helped to kick-start political parties and organizations such as BLF (Black First Land First), and the Economic Freedom Fighters- which are fueled by hate in response to a so called oppression that never happened. Jews such as Albre Sachs and Yossel Slovo, have also guided the ANC (African National Congress) to further creating racial tension and economic despair to push the country's ideals and policies towards a communist state.

South Africa, and Africa as a whole will not improve on its situation, in fact, it will only continue to sink into a communist and impoverished country, since Jews run the banking(Oppenheimer and Rupert) on behalf of the Rothschilds, the Jewish Dynasty. When the White farmer population is gone, the Jews and communists will own the land and the natives will be utterly dependent on the state. History repeats itself and this same situation happened in Zimbabwe as the land was taken from the farmers who grew and supplied the food for the country.

We are looking at more and more bloodshed because of the Jew, who only works to destroy the Gentiles. 

The Jewish goal is to genocide the White race world wide and then enslave the rest under the Jewish New World order where the Jews are in power at the top and everyone else are slaves that only exist to serve the Jews, as dictated in their Torah and elaborated in the Talmud. Its always the same with Jews...

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