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 Jewish Destruction of Africa


Our ancestral homeland of Africa has been infiltrated, raped, and plundered since the beginning of the enemy's war on humanity-both spiritually and materially. Like all Gentile societies and nations, the Jew has orchestrated and put into effect their agenda to destroy and enslave us through any means.

The goal is to set up and establish a Jewish slave plantation state in Africa where the Black Gentiles are murdered, used, oppressed and the wealth of the country taken. The Rothschilds are a Jewish dynasty who run the International Monetary Fund. They have used their power to enforce colonialism to take control of Africa and bleed dry the resources and line their pockets. These Rothschilds have also profited from the Black Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

We all know now that Jews have used occult/magickal power to acquire this, along with setting up and creating this disgusting monetary system to enslave us all. Since they control the wealth they have been able to induce famine, poverty and keep African nations impoverished and poor. Basically making us gentiles slave away for a fucking shekel.

*Jews use Occult magick and Rituals to Enslave us*

If you look at who owns the mines and resource distribution in Africa, they are in the hands of the Jews. Whether it be by oil, diamonds and precious metals, they control this and none of it goes to the black workers and their nations. Nothing.

There is a movie called " Blood Diamond", it depicts the situation in Africa as the people are subject to poverty, political upset, slavery and other horrible circumstances all to enrich and make wealthier the Jewish bankers, global elites and war mongerers. Its all Jewish insanity and criminality.

Keep in mind, the Jews have also used this tremendous monetary power to buy and finance corrupt and horrible Black gentile "leaders" that have helped to kill off and enslave the black gentile population and deliver them to the Jewish cause like with a Communist dictatorship in places like South Africa. As long as the Jews have control and the so called leaders continue to sell out their people, we will not see improvement. Africa is one step away from being a global plantation slave state and the situation there and with Whites in south Africa is nothing but a blueprint of what is to come if the Jew is to take full control of Gentile humanity.

Now in order for the enemy and Jews to have been able to truly establish total control over the Black Gentiles, our Satanic and pagan history was destroyed systematically and stolen from us and Christianity and Islam enforced. This was one of the reasons for Jewish financed colonialism in Africa via the Rothschilds, Christian and BRUTAL Islamic conquest over the centuries (all Jewish created), and to also spread and force the lie of these programs. 

It has been a constant battle. Humanity has already been suffering and without since before the Jewish filth surfaced. The enemy ETs have been attacking humanity, disconnecting us from spirituality and infiltrating our sacred religions since our gods were bound, outnumbered and cut off from us.

With Africa, ruins, artifacts and other structures and monuments have been found to be some 16000 or more years old which is telling to how old the black race is along with our relationships with our original gods. With the ruthless Jewish control and imperialism, things such as sacred ancestral family heirlooms were taken and confiscated. Some of these things that connected black families to the early black ancestors, have turned up in museums, Rothschild and Jewish collections and or destroyed by the Jesuits who voyaged into Africa to replace the culture with xianity.

Despite all of this, there is still some evidence of our ancient history in Africa, underground mines, systems and structures that point towards an old and advanced civilization has been discovered. As I have mentioned before, there have been pyramidal structures found in South africa, structures to track the solar and lunar movements, remnants of ancient fortresses and temples for our gods were unearthed. I asked about this and one of the Daemons told me that these were all destroyed to hide our past. This is no different than how all gentile satanic culture all over the world has been infiltrated and destroyed.

Unfortunately now this place is in constant chaos, war-torn, corrupt, destroyed with famine and poverty through communism and international Jewry, and the poison of Jewish programs designed to enslave humanity and prepare us for our own damnation. The disgusting programs of Christianity and Islam have did their jobs of destroying, weakening and degenerating the black race. These filthy Jewish programs have corrupted the spirit of Satan's divine creation.

Spiritual degeneration, disconnection from our gods, centuries upon centuries of Jewish blood rituals and curses, poverty, and enemy ET interference, lack of power meditation and elevation has caused the black race to be very much effected and behind as a race. Since the Black race is especially a very physical race, the overall degeneration is linked to IQ deficiencies and extreme poverty in many places of Africa. Science has shown that meditation changes the neurological component of the brain, and increases the IQ, memory, cognitive functioning, mental health, grey matter, insight, etc.

Even Black gentiles connected to our Ancient gods (mainly the Egyptian Daemons) through association, like in many places of Africa, some of the Yorubas, Dogon Africans and the Black neo-pagans in the Americas who are tied into traditional black spirituality are more evolved and display more civility and focus. This is the difference between Black pagans and those who are tied into the negative vortex of the enemy programs. One also can look at the Arabic Gentiles in the Middle East, they have been reduced to a disposition of violent behavior, rape, illiteracy and mental stagnation, and other degenerate tendencies because of the destructive program of Islam that binds and corrupts the soul.

Power meditation uplifts and brings one to a higher level. This is why it is important for all of us to do our meta exercises. Power meditation truly makes a person better.

Africa is the home of the Black race, the place where Satan and the gods put us to reside. Africa has many resources, is home to beautiful and unique plants/flora, animals and vast and gorgeous land. We need to take back our homeland, restore the beauty and bring the gods back into the minds and souls of our people in order to evolve and grow as a race.

Hail Satan!

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