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 Sacred Serpents of the Serer

The Serer people of West Africa have been amongst the few groups of people who have resisted the enemy programs of Islam and Christianity from taking over their beliefs completely and for a very long time. They have kept much of the rich satanic and pagan traditions alive despite enemy infiltration. The system and spiritual faith is called Fat Roog "Way of the Divine."


Ancestral worship, belief and understanding the perpetuation of the soul and reincarnation, initiation into priesthood for men and women, observance of the planetary movements, solar worship, cosmology, chanting and prayer to the gods are what this path encompasses. lnterestingly, another one of their symbols, called "Yoonir" is a pentagram symbol. Cosmologically, it is said to be one of their most important and sacred stars, representing the universe. 

Like in all traditional African religions, they believe in a Supreme and high god that is an embodiment of the female and male principle, being ever present and all that connects to the soul. We know that this is another name and representation of and for the Aether and life force. 

Again, we see the similarities with the veneration of lesser gods and spirits who are the bridges to reach the supreme god. Like in Vodun and the Ifa-Orisha tradition, these lesser gods are code names for our chakras and to a lesser degree, our gentile daemon gods who aided and interacted with humanity to give us this knowledge. These gods are called Pangool or Fan Qool, which means "sacred serpent". The serpent is the symbol of the gods in their faith; Sometimes two snakes coiled are used as their symbolism.

Prayer to the "gods" is critical in the Serer religion as one's soul is made sacred and consecrated with regular association with them. We know that focusing on and paying attention to our chakras and souls are the only way we can truly save ourselves.


That is the essence of Spiritual Satanism

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