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As you all know, our true enemy is the Jew. They are an entirely different race of beings, separate from Satan's gentile creation. One of the biggest challenges is exposing and outing the Jews as such, especially to black gentiles and other non white gentiles. The problem is the white race has been blamed and lumped together with Jews. All the Jewish crimes have been shifted over to the white race because they bear a resemblance to them. Not to mention Jews have been mixing with gentiles, ESPECIALLY the white race, over time. Unfortunately Jewish DNA has also tainted some gentile blood lines in places like Africa and Asia.



Many people fail to see the differences between gentiles and Jews despite the evidence. They think that being a Jew is being a practitioner of Judaism. Just because they look like us, doesn't mean that they are. In most cases, gentiles who study the Jews and Jewish crimes against humanity know that they are different from us even if they believe that Jews are gentiles. It is very important for us to be able to identify Jews and be able to educate and spread the word on this truth.


 As we advance spiritually and increase our awareness overall, identifying them becomes much easier.



 Jews look down on all gentiles, especially the black race. You can get a sense of what they think about us when you just examine the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and how they treated our gentile race. The funny thing is, they say insulting things about us yet they are the ones who are disgusting, vile, alien and diseased beings.


 They have perverted the black gentile mind and society with all of their ilk and lies just to destroy something they can never and will never be: a sacred creation of Satan, our most highest god.




 Identifying "black" and "Asian" Jews may be a bit trickier and they are not as common as "white" Jews.


The Jews have mixed with different gentile groups in order to infiltrate and take over our societies from within. They are very parastic. Note the features being a bit disproportionate, eyes, ears, mouth shape, nose, and the shape of the head. Because black DNA is dominant in most cases, you will find that "black" jews are not easy to identify so easily. But no matter what, their energies and key features are always the same. Jews typical have weird features like dead eyes and an ugly look even when they are deemed attractive by the public...








Another thing to realize is many jews, whether they are in the spotlight or not, hold some kind of wealth, success and prominence in some way. You will almost never come across a Jew who is impoverished in some way. This is due to their curses on humanity, magick rituals and control they have. This has been going in for centuries.


Here are more lists of "black" Jews for your reference. Because it is still believed that being a Jew means being a practitioner of Judaism only, there are a couple of these gentiles listed as converts to Judaism but the rest of them have Jewish DNA and therefore are just so. ... rity-lists ... ewish.html ... 1790868051



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