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 Is the Joy Of Satan Racist?



Well, after visiting this Joy of Satan website for the advancement of Black members, do you think so?

Somethings need to be cleared up. If you go online, you may find a bunch of idiots, haters and so called debunkers opposing and attacking the JoyofSatan, calling us racist, evil Nazis, and a whole bunch of silly nonsense. Pay attention- they nit pick trivial information on us, bash and call us names, and yet none of them have ever disproven us or debunked the information we have put out. Why? Because they are angry that we have revealed life changing information that is freeing humanity. Period. The enemy also pays these people to slander and take us down.

Our satanic websites highlight the facts and truth. No bullshit. No games.
Satanism is for the strong.

We have provided years of hard and intense research to bring all of this free knowledge to wake up humanity to the TRUTH-- this the only thing we are guilty of. We have also brought to surface ancient spiritual knowledge and many of us have pleasant and very REAL experiences constantly, and that can never be taken away, no matter how much our enemies talk shit about us and try to shut us down. This is the real deal. Simple as that.

We as an organization have been around for YEARS and we have grown tremendously and will continue to grow and last because people see the truth and have come to Satan without being disappointed. Life is always better on this path and with him. This something you prove to yourself first and foremost, completely.

The fact of the matter is here at the JoyofSatan we are all racialists.

We recognize and acknowledge race and the differences between the races of the world. Satan and the gods created each race with a different unique trait in mind. The races are all sacred and part of divinity, yet they still have their weaknesses as well.

ll the gentile races come from Satan and the gods! There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the differences, and good and bad of each race. When we do so then can we all heal as a people!

Satan wants all of us to stand up for our races and work to improve and uplift them. This is exactly what this website is for-- I am a Black member that is representing my race to spread the truth of who we are in relation to Satan.

The enemy and Jewish programs and narratives try to make us all believe that we are equal at every single thing, that race, sex and culture doesn't matter or exist but they only do this to enforce COMMUNISM and take away everything that makes us unique so that  we are easily controlled.

But let me tell you something, you have no idea what is in store if they get their way and take control of this world, the suffering will be immense. The articles and links on this website will expose ALL of that and show you what the enemy has planned for us

This is very serious, so much so that they have taken down our websites, forums and groups many times in order to keep the truth from all of us. That speaks loads...and it shows us that we are doing them real damage.

We will continue to fight and stand up for whats right and NEVER will we go against nature and the truth! They can say all they want but we will just keep on advancing under the protection and guidance of our gods!

Hail Satan!

High Priestess Shannon
of the Joy of Satan Ministries


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