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 Colonialism and Africa


I'm sure you are all familiar with the narrative that White people are responsible for invading Africa, stealing its resources and just keeping the Blacks impoverished and abused. Well, you all should be aware now that The Jews are the ones who are responsible for this, not Whites.

Now I'm not going to sit here and say that White people had no part in this but understand that all Colonialism and Imperialism are connected to and was financed and ordered by the Jewish dynasty, the Rothschilds. No matter the race, the Jews have used their power and wealth to take control of many gentiles. They have Gentiles from all races that are selling out and murdering their people because of fucking Jews- Black, Asian and White so called "leaders" are willingly letting the Jews abuse and murder their people in exchange for power and wealth.

No one is exempt from these crimes but the problem at the root is the Jew.

I already covered the Jewish Destruction of Africa

The Jewish Rothschild are tied to the British and French Colonialism and Imperialism throughout Africa. The colonialists received money from the central banks in London and Paris, all this under Rothschild dominion. These White colonialists were following the lie of Christianity. The Pagan Blacks in Africa were seen as heathens with no culture, worshiping a false god. These Christians felt further justified in destroying african satanic/pagan history and taking control of Africa to "introduce Christian ways and salvation" to the natives. Many Blacks still had close ties to the ancient Pagan gods.

The Jew's main goal was to invade Africa using White labor and man power (because Jews NEVER do the dirty work, they prefer to use the Gentiles just like how they use the Gentiles to die and fight their wars for them!), destroy the culture and connections that Blacks had to Satan and the original gods, use and enslave them brutally and steal the wealth of Africa. Pure and Simple.

As of today, the Jews are still set up and stationed in Africa (through their corporations and businesses) and continuing to steal from and rape the continent.


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