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 The Truth about Slavery By Kyrique


There's a lot of misinformation about slavery and a lot of people have been even killed because of the lies.

Many blacks believe they were captured by Whites. Unfortunately in Africa, Blacks have always enslaved each other (different tribes) and it was the Jewish race who bought them. The Jew started the slave trade and through Jewish controlled media, they have portrayed the White race as the ones who did. The white race fought against slavery in the America, meanwhile Jews were the ones who tried to keep it going.

The Arabs and Black Africans owned and traded slaves for a very long time (including Whites) called the Trans-Saharan slave trade. African Empires such as Ghana and Mali participated in it. In the Trans- Atlantic slave trade Jewish merchants went to West Africa to buy slaves. Africans who sold the slaves were usually political and commercial elites. The slaves were sold for muskets, rum, iron and etc. Slaves were captured in slave raids and their black capturers would get them from central Africa and march them down miles to the coast. 

There the Jewish merchants sailed them to the new world. A lot of the ships were owned by Jews and when they arrived to the new world they exclusively sold to Jews. Plenty of times the government would try to stop it but the Jews would pay them off. In the United States we hear how evil and horrendous it was but evidence shows the contrary.

Slavery is completely immoral but the way hollywood portrays it isn't accurate. For starters only 1.4 percent of the entire U.S population owned slaves and only 4.9 percent of the Southern population owned slaves. About 70 percent of slaveowners were jews and of course they used Xianity to justify it. The other 30 percent were rich Whites, other Blacks owning Blacks, and Native Americans. Contrary to popular belief the bond between master and slave was mutually respectful. The White Irish were also enslaved in America (but of course the mainstream media wont tell you that either..)

In 1861 a slave named Harrison Berry wrote and produced a pamphlet named "Slavery and Abolitionism, as Viewed by a Georgia Slave" he believed Abolitionists were the worst enemies of Slaves. He also believed that Southern slaves were in a better off condition than if they were in Africa. On 12/8/1889 Jefferson Davis died in New Orleans, Louisiana. When the news broke out telegrams were sent out offering the compassion of many people, including his 13 former slaves. Their telegram read "We, the old servants and tenants of our beloved master, Honorable Jefferson Davis, have cause to mingle our tears over his death, who was always so kind and thoughtful of our peace and happiness. We extend to you our humble sympathy.". In the 1930s the federal government, through the WPA, sent people to gather the testimony of the remaining ex- slaves. Surprisingly what the testimonies show is that more than 70 percent of the slaves had only positive things to say. 

This documentation is now held in Washington, DC in the National Archives. What's also been documented was the evidence of black slaveowners.

Yes, there were black slaveowners despite what the Jews will tell you the evidence is there and still standing. There's a book titled "Black Slave Owners" by Larry Lover. In the book it says " Yet at one time or another, free black slaveowners resides in every Southern state which countenanced slavery and even in Northern States. In Louisiana, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia, free blacks owned more than 10,000 slaves, according to the federal census of 1830.". Many of the Black slave owners were mulatto which is probably why they became slave owners because they never felt as if they were slaves. Some of them were still slaves because their state didn't allow emancipation but since they were related to the master they were treated like his children. Some of the slaves earned freedom by manumission but before they were freed they had to learn a trade. Once they were freed they set up shop and bought slaves to work for them. Not all Black slave owners were in it for money there were some who bought family members even children. Slavery ended once the Civil War was over but little is known that the Civil War was not about slavery and slaves and free blacks fought for the South.

There have been lies told about the Civil War being about slavery for far too long and it's time to clear the air. In the beginning of the war Lincoln said the war wasn't about slavery only to save the union. The Emancipation proclamation was just an act of war targeting the rebel States. It allowed slavery in states that were loyal. The Union conquered rebel territory and took the slaves away and used them to work for the army not to free them.

At the time of the proclamation Lincoln was losing the war and he feared the European powers would offer assistance to the South. So he created the Emancipation proclamation to take the slaves of REBEL states only because slavery fueled the Southern economy. As a result many White Union soldiers left the war and many whites at home started to riot and randomly attack blacks. Also Lincoln advocated sending all Blacks to Liberia. He even agreed with President Roberts of Liberia that Africa was the rational place for Black Americans. Lincoln held a meeting In the White House with free Black leaders and asked them to lead blacks out the country. In the South blacks fought alongside the whites for the Confederacy. 

There's a book titled "Black Confederates" which states "According to the Richmond Dispatch, about 53 blacks in Amelia County, Virginia, offered themselves 'To the government for any service'. That same newspaper reported that 200 Petersburg, Virginia, free blacks offered to do any work assigned to them 'either to fight under white officers, dig ditches, or anything that could show their desire to serve old Virginia.". After the Civil War many of the Blacks received state pensions and went to Confederate reunions. Also there's a monument in Fort Mill, South Carolina dedicated to the faithful slaves. These facts smack right in the face of the Jewish mainstream narrative. Lies have been told about the past and has caused bad things to happen on both sides.

In conclusion the truth has come out and should be shared. People are sad and being hurt because of lies told by Jewish hollywood. They say the slaves were captured in Africa even though blacks have enslaved blacks for a long time. The Jews make movies about slavery only showing part of the truth. We've been told that the Civil War was about slavery even though Lincoln said it wasn't. A lot of bad things have happened because of what the Jew says and it's time the truth is known!



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