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 Re-Inventing the Black Race of Satan


Let us take the time and go over what we know about the Black race and our nature. We are a sacred race created by Satan. And like all his creations, we need to do our part to advance spiritually and evolve.

Think about what it means to come from the ancient gods.

We do not need to follow a nature and false identity that the enemy has created for us: a Black race with no sense that destroys and aimlessly drifts through life with no meaning. Thanks to enemy infestation and 1000s of years of degeneration we have not become a succesful race. We have been plagued by enemy curses, spiritual degeneration, a high percentage of intraracial crime and murder, and psychological entrapment.

In order to overcome this, We must follow the satanic path that comes from our creator.

In examining the Black race, you can see a primal energy. We must direct this and sublimate it into something positive. I want to see the blacks race's aggression and depth of feeling directed at destroying the our enemy and in becoming the best we can be.

We should respect the other races from Satan, highlight our best features and work to improve our lives under their guidance.

With meditation, it truly makes one become a better person. Our meditations also increases the intelligence and understanding. It opens the mind fully. The meta practices finish what was interrupted. This is very important. Let us surpass our limits and become progressive. 

When one looks into ancient Black satanic culture, you can see how advanced our ancestors were. What we see today with many Blacks is not a reflection of them. Our ancestors were in tuned with themselves and knew their place in the world. This primal energy was controlled and sublimated. The Black race had their own societies that the gods helped us build, and our skills and abilities increased as we advanced. This is why meditation is SUPER important, it elevates one in more ways than imaginable and speeds up the process of evolution.

There are many sites and ruins still hidden that points to the Blacks race's own advancement thousands and thousands of years ago in Africa. ALL gentile races had beautiful cultures and beautiful societies. The gods were by our sides.

As for today, All of us should do our part in teaching our people. We do not need to live a lifestyle of crime, degeneracy, poverty, helplessness and ignorance. Use your powers, your natural gifts within your soul to get what you need in life.

Focus on Satan. Do what you can to lift your consciousness up and lead by example. Now and more than ever, we must become a new specimen of our race.

Hail Satan!

*photo by Margot Procknow*


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