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Christianity is a LIE!

Many of you in the black community have heard of Rastafarianism. I wanted to touch a bit on this subject because many blacks, in one way or the other, follow this way of thinking. It is part of many black communities but prevalent in Jamaica. I even had a Rastafari temple in my neighborhood growing up.

I never understood it but all in all it is just a sub branch of Christianity. It does not seem to be as widely adhered to like the Black Hebrew Israelite Movement but it connects to the disgusting claim that black gentiles are the true Jews... They believe that to be a Rastafari is to be a jew by nature...

If one studied the Torah and that lie of a Bible, what race of Satan would want to be a Jew? They are the ones responsible for all the fucked up things happening to the world and humanity. You see this if you study and read the Torah/Old Testmament- They are full of CURSES on HUMANITY.

The star of David is a well known symbol in the Rastafari religion and way of life, as is the Lion of Judah...

Now, I am not going to go into how silly their claims are because it is right on par with the BHI in their use of misinterpreted bible quotes and in what they follow... They even use chapter 22, verse 2 in the book of revelations as an excuse for smoking weed. They say that smoking the herb is the highest form in attaining communion with god.

The Rastafarian beliefs are based on Judaism and with influence on the Old Testament since they believe that the Bible was written by blacks. Of course there is a twist.. They have come to know that the messiah is actually Haile Selassie who was a crowned emperor of Ethiopia. According to the Rastafaris, Haile Selassie, also known as " Lord of Israel",  is a descendant of Solomon and David.

These adherents especially believe that their holy place is Zion and that Ethiopia is the home of the real ancient Israelites.

Rastafarianism has its connections with Beta Israel (House of Israel) in Ethiopia because the Jews have located and settled in the north and north western part for centuries and has spread. When you take a look at the inhabitants residing in Beta Israel, you see the jewish culture being practiced. The Jews infested and infiltrated yet again through intermixing with the black population therein. The Jewish genes are now present in many black groups in Ethipia, etc.




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