The Political Game

The Jews own 96 percent of the Media, corporations, our banking system, the Federal reserve, the International Monetary Fund and more. Their power and wealth is immense. With this influence and control, it's no surprise that our current political system will be directed and steered in their favor.

Always know that with all things that Jews do, it is to ultimately bring down Humanity and the Nations of the world to a Jewish run slave state. That is ALWAYS the plan. This Jewish plan is to completely manifest what is stated in their Torah and their racial religion Judaism.

Kabbalah Exposed

Its all Jewish Puppetry:

In our current political system in America, the Jews play both sides, but at the end of it all, each side is working to bring about the Jewish New World Order. You have the so called Republican political party infested with Jews who only perpetuate the lie of Christianity (essentially spiritual communism) and Christian traditionalism; Its all centered around Jews and Jewish supremacy at the psychic level. Christianity is a Jewish spell on Humanity and connecting to it only gives the Jews the spiritual and psychic power they need to establish the Jewish domination over the globe. So it doesn't matter if one rejects Communism, you will never escape the Jewish hold as long as Christianity and the Bible are accepted as truth.

Christianity: A Jewish Spell on Humanity

With the Democratic Party, the Jews use the Blacks and Hispanics to their advantage majorly and as tools to break down America into a Marxist nightmare.

Blacks and Hispanics always vote Democrat because the Democrats have lied to and manipulated them into thinking that they are fighting for their rights in America. Its all just a big fat deception. The Democratic Party is not for the benefit of the Black race, its to use them to gain votes in favor of the communists, and to ultimately keep them enslaved to the Jewish system. Blacks have not improved at all in America. The Jews are making sure of that...

The Welfare system is one way they prepare them for Communism as it puts one in a state of dependency and it destroys the family unit....

The Democrats and the liberal progressives are trying to destroy America with their policies that take away our freedoms such as: internet censorship, slowly repealing the second amendment( the right to bear arms and to protect ourselves from dictatorship), attacking free speech, manipulating truths and spewing lies on the mainstream media and of course, non existent restrictions on immigration into America.

The goal is to flood America with non White criminals and those who are degenerates to any society, break down the borders, genocide the White race and turn America (the only country truly standing in the way of Jewish world take over) into a weakened, multi-racial communist plantation state where the non-White Gentiles are the slave cattle for the Jews.

Both political parties are all big fat shit shows with that only one goal in mind. Whether you are Christian, or hardcore Liberal, we are all going to get the same treatment in the Jewish slave state.

The only way to destroy the Jewish influence is to wake up as much people as we can and fight this war along side our true Gods who care for and want to free Humanity. Satan and the Original Daemon Gods are trying to save us from this fate.

Satan is the liberator of Humanity!

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