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 The Nation of Islam


First of all, Its important to mention that Islam is a disgusting lie based off of stolen ancient satanic knowledge:

Exposing Islam

I know many of you know of someone who follows this so called religious movement as it is prevalent in many black communities and is the focus of a few Rap and Hip Hop artists. The NOI is based upon the belief that Whites are the "devil" and the source of all evil in this world. And that the white race was created by an evil mad scientist named Yacub (a so called evil black scientist)  to rule over blacks for 6,000 years and after this time, the blacks will destroy the whites and cleanse the earth of them. As sick as this sounds, it is not surprising when you realize that this fucked up movement was indeed created by a Jew. 


This Yacub character supposedly took all the evil in blacks and used this to create the white race. It is very ridiculous. Its similar to the "Curse of Ham" where blacks again are labeled as degenerates and unpleasant in some way. In Nation of Islam it pretty much says that blacks are responsible for the world's evil because a scientist from their own kind created evil beings.


The real purpose of this ideology was to incite racial tension and warfare between white people and blacks.

The true identity of this Jew, who went by the name Wallace. D. Fard, is unknown. According to police transcripts, he was known as a con man.  He even admitted that the whole Nation of Islam movement was a lie from the start and that he was in it to make all the money that he could and from FBI files, he went by 58 different aliases and was arrested for many crimes including the selling of narcotics and the promotion of human sacrifice to his followers. 



This doesn't surprise me with the Jews...They infiltrate and seek out to pervert and destroy while profiting off of us gentiles (non-jews).
What better way than to feeding these lies to the  blacks that were poverty stricken, and oppressed in Detroit?

I posted this link to a news article online. I also copied and pasted it here just in case the link on the internet doesnt work.

"Fard had an East Indian appearance, and was a dapper dresser with perfect white teeth and dark eyes. He told followers he was born in the holy city of Mecca, and his light-skinned appearance, courtesy of his Russian Jewish mother, was “pre-ordained” so that he could more easily mix with white people. He claimed to have attended Oxford and the University of California, and then to have begun training as a diplomat for the kingdom of Hejaz (now a part of Saudi Arabia). He was drawn to return to the United States in order to liberate the African-Americans from their “half-slave and half-free” condition. He arrived in Detroit’s Paradise Valley on July 4, 1930, in order to achieve this goal.

Fard worked the streets as silk peddler, but his real sales pitches were religious beliefs and dietary restrictions. He gained a reputation as a healer when his customers, after having adhered to the pork-free diet that Fard espoused, began noticing improvements in their health. His main goal, he often stated, was to bring salvation to African-Americans, whom he often referred to as his “lost uncle in the wilderness of North America.

Fard taught that approximately 6,000 years ago a black scientist named Yakub conducted gene-manipulation experiments that resulted in the creation of the inferior white race. Their tainted, weakened blood was to blame for the white race’s immorality, which they frequently used to keep the black race in a perpetual state of half-freedom. His concepts attracted hundreds of followers to the Allah Temple of Islam (ATI), as he called his group.

Fard’s demise as the leader of the temple was brought upon him when, on Thanksgiving Day in 1932, one of his followers, Robert Harris, renamed Robert Karriem, committed a human sacrifice in order to bring himself closer to Allah. Karriem cited a quotation from a book entitled Secret Rituals of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, authored by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, which read, “The believer must be stabbed through the heart.” This quote, as well as another stating, “Every son of Islam must gain a victory from a devil. Four victories and the son will attain his reward,” convinced the Detroit Police Department — motivated in part by the anti-Muslim hysteria fueled by media coverage of the event — to seek out Fard in conjunction with the murder."



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