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The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is just another Jewish plan and organization created by them to take control of the Black race in America and use them as tools to destroy it under the disguise of civil rights and equality.

Jews do not care about Black people and I have listed quotes by them on this website that show what they really think about us. They only associate with Blacks to use us to bring down America and its values to that of Communism. Divide and conquer, so to speak. Black problems have dramatically increased because of Jews. Black people are far worst off in America than they were before the so called civil rights movement.

The Ugly Truth


The NAACP only works to make sure Blacks do not get any real leadership at all. The NAACP only works to make sure that Jews are  the ones controlling these things.

Jews created the NAACP: Read this article by Dontell Jackson. It also includes confessions and statements from a long list of Jews who ADMIT their plans. NEVER trust Jews. Period.

The Jews and the NAACP



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