The Myth of the Good Jew

By JoS Forum Contributions

The Jews are a dualistic system with one core. The Jews themselves at the core are a genetic group, a blood line. Yet one can convert to Judaism. But upon this they have to marry into the genetic group and absorb their genes into the hive. This allows the Jews to blend into the host society while still maintaining their genetic-psychic strength. And the con-vert becomes an active agent of the Jews, with a Gentile face. But will never be allowed to go far within the deep ranks of Judaism.

At the highest levels only those of purest Jewish genetic lines can be admitted. Making sure the pure blooded ones lead the group and give it direction.

The Jews by their records and texts such as the Zohar, state they come from a genetic line not of the Gentiles which they believe makes them superior and gives them entitlement to the planet and all upon it. They state Gentiles are animals put here to be their slaves and property. And since we are not from their line we are not human and not covered by their law of the Torah. Meaning they can do what they want to us with no moral qualms. Judaism dehumanizes the entire planet.

Above the Jews are a collective of negative entities who the top Rabbinical class who are adept Black Magicians work with and take direction from. The Jews carry the spiritual inheritance of these entitles in their blood as this is the group they are genetically created from by their admission. What this means is they are connected on the deep soul level to such non and anti-human, entitles. They are a window to these beings on the planet.

Even the average Jew has a deep unconscious connection to these beings. On the soul level. And they are bound into a large mass Jewish mind or collective unconscious and consciousness they share with such entitles as well. They share the same race soul together. Their soul nature is encoded in their religious texts of which are nothing but what is in their soul. And simply the desire to harm, enslave, murder and destroy Gentiles by any means. Their biology is their belief.

People point to their different factions, disagreements and infighting as something to offer an example of something to believe the Jews are not a mono group against us. But this shows nothing in many cases it proves the opposite. Its in their soul and even programs started by Jews in conflict with other Jews. Still push the Jewish agenda anyway and harm Gentiles. This above belief not all bad apples belief creates a false understanding that allows Jews to step in and control the opposition to them. And terraforming it into something which serves them.

Which means you can never trust them. Many do what they do unconsciously. Because what's in the soul is what its about. And its in their soul to do what their religious texts state.

Its not about opposition to Christianity, Islam, Communism, Liberalism or Capitalism, Zionism.etc

Its actually on the deeply conscious and honest level. One thing only. Opposition to JUDAISM. All these programs listed above come out of the Jewish race soul. Most people in our society are in strong opposition to the Jews on some level and don't even realize it yet.

One can also observe strong schizogenic behaviours in those who are larger admixture of Gentile blood. Its a from a conflict on the soul level which manifests into the conscious mind. Otto Weininger stands out. He was half Jewish. But hated his Jewish half, as an ugly and vile stain within his soul. He could feel this. He lived a life of struggle with it. Till he killed himself to try and escape it.

He was an open example. Of the two different and conflicting natures of the Gentile and Jewish soul in one man. And the fact those of Jewish blood can never stop being Jewish, even if they consciously want to. Its in the soul.

The purpose of Judaism is to terraform the planet into a situation where the entitles that manifested the Jew, can then feed off humans and use them as slaves without end. The Jews are simply the terrestrial level of this agenda. In lay terms the Jews are race of psychopaths. And not part of Gentile Humanity. They are a war upon it.

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