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 The Moors


On the subject of the Moors, it needs to be known, even if there are Black people out there who want to be willfully blind and disregard facts and logics. The Moors were Mixed race and Arabic people who were Muslim. Evidence and research shows that they were of Primarily North African descent, just like the inhabitants of North Africa today who are also mixed race, i.e Eurasian, Arabic and of Black Sub-Saharan ancestry. The Moors also had Black slaves as well as Blacks in their ranks. 

From the artifacts, paintings and such from the Moors, they all show them to be of mixed descent and not Black.
They also practiced the Lie of Islam which is nothing but a program of evil and was created by the Jewish enemy to conquer and destroy the Gentiles (non-Jews) in the East.

Islam is a Lie

Let's not also forget that the Arabs enslaved Blacks for a very long time and it was very HORRIBLE, brutal and fucked up. It was worst than the slave trade that happened in America. Blacks do not seem to know of or say anything about this but it happened- This was the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade.

Below are two factual articles that show that the Moors were of Berber and Arab descent- The sad thing is, no matter how many facts you bring to the surface, many Black people will refuse to see the truth...all for the sake of trying to feel better about their race.

I don't know about you, but I don't need to hold on to a false history just to feel good about my race. And I am certainly not going to cry or put up a fit about it. I am already connected to the beautiful satanic history of the Black race.

Hail Satan!


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