Metaphysics of the Black Race

When you look at the scientific data on the races and apply spiritual priciples and knowledge, it becomes clear that there is a metaphysical connection.

Think of what the races stand for and represent and not about what they lack. The races are on different levels, different stages of evolution. The races also are correspondent to different aspect of the elements.

The black race has a higher reproduction rate, a shorter gestation period, faster development and overall maturity, higher fertility, different hormone levels, i.e testosterone--more of a physical edge since testosterone governs explosive movement and greater muscular definition/strength, etc. All these traits give more biological efficiency.

These racial differences were given to us by nature, since Satan (through advanced genetic engineering) worked with nature to create us.

With the black race, the primary directive and nature is on the physical. Movement, rhythm and sensuousness are our exalted aspects. You see this also in how we are built, shaped and toned. Rhythm and dance is highly spiritual, and is a high form of expression for blacks, especially in Africa. This goes into our roots and wiring and is also the basis of traditional African spirituality. You even see this in the Americas at Christian churches and certain congregations when they are worked up into a spiritual frenzy, blacks are inclined to dance and move.

When it comes to spiritual and natural principles, there are 3 realms of existence: the Material

(concerned with the senses and the physical realm of living), Mental (rules the pure mentality and realm of thought) and Spiritual/Ethereal plane.

The Black race's nature is primarily on the material/lower. This means the primal and basic state of creation. The foundations. The primal and lower level of existence puts emphasis on the material and earthly plane of nature which governs the body, movement, sex, sensuality, rhythm, base desires, impulse and pure physicality.

We embody the earth principle.

It must be known that these characteristics can manifest very negatively. And it is seen today in many Black Gentiless, I will go more into detail with this further in the rest of my articles.

As a race, we need to focus on and elevate our best traits while controlling them from being one of our greatest weaknesses.

Since there is an emphasis on the physical /material principle of nature, sheer creative intelligence will not be our highest strength and that is completely fine especially when you understand our existence and inner qualities that nature bestowed to us. The only issue that will not be accepted is allowing ourselves to be dumb downed, weakened and stripped of common sense, morality and potential by the enemy- which is what they are doing with a passion.

This must change.

Evidence of the Black race's history and function can be seen in the mines and hidden ruins of Africa. There have been remnants of cities and such found with still more being unearthed. In the book "Temples of the African Gods" there are photos that show evidence of underground and semi- elevated civilizations. There are also left overs of monoliths, elaborate stone walls and channels. These are several thousand years old. This is another reason to continue to study Africa, especially the south...

All the races are an extension of the Satanic family of the Gods whose goal was to build a place on earth with the Gentiles. All of the races must work to better themselves and transform their physical self to that of the Sun. The Godhead!

Hail Satan!

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