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 Hitler and the Nazis 


The biggest deception that has changed humanity's perception of the White race is who Adolf Hitler really was and what happened during WW2. 

Adof Hitler: Man of Peace

The Jews have portrayed Hitler as an evil man who was hell bent on destroying them and taking over the world. At least, this is what I remember from my history book back in high school...

Hitler was not a racist, while he did care for and love his race (like anyone should) he respected all the other races. In fact, there were Blacks, Arabs and Asian Gentiles fighting alongside him and his army all in the name of Freedom. They were all fighting against Jewish Communism.

Black Nazis

The  Holocaust was a lie and hoax.The Holocaust has been debunked and many people who have proven it false or spoken out against it, have been silenced because the Jews do not want this information known to the public.  Proof the Holocaust is a LIE

The Jews have been screaming the 6 million lie since the late 1800's. How many times will they claim 6 million Jews were killed?? Even the Jewish Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanhyu admitted that Hitler never killed 6 million Jews and that it was a lie, but  the mainstream media won't tell you that because Jews control it.

The Jewish demographic also increased in its number around the same time period of the war. If 6 million Jews died, how is it that the Jewish number have increased?

If Hitler wanted to kill 6 million Jews then he would have never established the Havaara agreement which was put into place to have all the Jews settle to their own nation, Israel. These Jews were destroying Germany's economy (just like they do to all Gentile nations) and the people were starving. When Hitler took power in Germany, he was able to improve the lives of his people for the better and Germany became the strongest and most prosperous nation in Europe. 

The Jew Joseph Stalin was trying to take over Europe through Communism. Hitler was forced into the War because it was known that whoever could take down Germany, they would be able to have control of all Europe. He and other Jews such as Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin already succeeded in killing 100+ million White gentiles in Russia and other parts of Europe years earlier. Imagine what would have happened if Hitler would have not stood up and fought.

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