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Gangsterism, Thug Life and the "Ghetto" Black Culture


What is Black Identity these days and what is the definition of being Black?

"Blacks are taught by the enemy that being Black means being a violent clown, with your pants hanging off your ass. And shooting each other over everything from crack to a bag of chips, and I mean that literally.  Blacks have murdered each other over a bag of chips. Black-ness forbids learning to read, getting a good education, having a good career, speaking proper English, being a responsible man or a father either [Blackness is big on abandoning your children] or being a moral human being in general. 

The opposite of this is considered "acting White" and selling out. Its not a mistake when Ghetto Blacks start moving into a higher class area the successful Blacks are the first to move out. They worked their whole life to escape those types. And know from experience what's coming.

Blacks are taught to give up on life and embrace a destructive path -- the enemy has filled the Black mind with a deep hatred, a never ending negativity..." - HP Mageson666

Any Black gentile growing up in a Black neighborhoods (I'm speaking primarily in America) is familiar with the whole "Ghetto mentality, "Hood" and "Gangsta" culture and Thug/Criminal lifestyle. The violent and twisted sub culture encompasses:

-Promotion of drugs, drug dealing and smoking weed. The glamourizing and   promotion of violence, gang-banging, guns, shooting and killing. 
-Referring to women as "bitches" and "hoes" and objectifying them. 
-Black men abandoning and neglecting their children and the whole "baby mama" crap. 
-Decadence- putting money, and the material above all, holding it as if it is only important thing in life and it goes on.

When I was younger and growing up in a black neighborhood, I was quick to find disgust in that behavior. In growing up in an environment, you assume that certain behavior is normal if it is all around you but I knew something was abnormal about it. 

Why has all of these things been the defining aspect of being Black? 
Why is it okay to be a violent thug and involved in criminal behavior? 
Why are drugs, violence, murder, sex and money the hot topics that are in Black music and entertainment today? 

It is the media first and foremost. It is a ripple effect. You will learn on the Blacks for Satan website how the enemy, who controls 96% of the media, uses entertainment, the media and degeneration to poison the minds and act as a generally negative influence on the Gentile populace, especially the Black gentile. Our youth grow up and are exposed to these environments and it bleeds over to the next generation and so the cycle continues. I have seen this all too often. It is in Rap music and Rap videos. They try to make it look cool and normal but it is destroying the Black community and twisting the minds of our  people. Children and the younger generation are especially more easily influenced and molded by these things. We need to change this.

This degrading Black sub culture is correlated to the unfortunate statistics involving the Black race. Link Here.


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