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Enemy Gods, Enemy Attacks and Blood Sacrifice


Ever since Satan created humanity and set to give humans the gift of the gods (spiritual power and immortality), there have been massive attacks and infiltration on our sacred existence and on this Earth to stop this.

Satan and the gods created humanity to be extensions of their divine and extraterrestrial family but the enemy gods did not want this for us. They wanted to enslave and use us as cattle, just as they are doing today with this system, Christianity, Islam, etc. Humans have a powerful energy source (the soul and life force.) Souls are a source of energy.

With more and more information being found and coming to surface, it is very clear and obvious that Satan is the creator of humanity, and our Daemon gods are the gods that taught and guided humanity. The enemy has tricked us into believing in that disgusting false God, Jehovah, YHVH, Allah, etc. These are all names of a group of evil beings who are pretending to be our creators.

Everything is Backwards. The one called Satan is the true god of humanity. He was labeled as evil to keep us away from him.

This enemy attack and infiltration has been going on since the beginning to all cultures but I will focus on how this relates to the Black race in Africa. 

On the subject of blood sacrifice, in Africa tribes have been sacrificing other  tribes and animals for rituals to satisfy their "gods" and for favors. This blood sacrifice is to supply energy and the power of the life force to the enemy gods. I already mentioned that the life force and soul energy of humans and living things can be used. The Enemy gods have tricked Blacks in Africa to give them blood sacrifices for centuries. This is seen today in Voodoo, for example. Blood sacrifice is also BIG in Christianity. Just read the Bible and you will see what I mean.

If you study the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. you will see that they had the same problem. Their culture was attacked  by the enemy reptilian gods that also tricked them into taking blood sacrifices. This has been documented in history as these tribes were known to perform human sacrifice. In addition, if you study these tribes, you will see that they always painted, drew and or described these gods as Reptilian looking. Scales on the skin, lizard like eyes, etc. An African Zulu Elder depicted the gods that he sees as Reptilian in nature.

All one has to do is look up something like "Zulu Reptilian"  in an internet search engine and you can see how Reptilians have been involved in Africa. Our gods are not reptilians. Where ever Reptilians go, ritual blood sacrifice happens.

All of this violence and negativity is NOT of Satan. Satan and the Daemon gods do not demand or want blood sacrifices nor do they want us to be slaves. The enemy could not destroy and take all spiritual power so they got in and infiltrated instead.

When one comes to Satan and Spiritual Satanism today, many doors open and we are then exposed to their positive energies. All of us. However, as one begins their journey into Satanism, you will come to see that the enemy is still working to keep us away from Satan and the truth. Getting negative thoughts concerning Satan and the Gods, fear, psychic attacks and feeling depressed are among the things that has happened to us. This is all of the enemy. Even "Angelic beings" start to attack you...which shows that they do not want us coming to the truth. This is the real deal and you will see that as you progress.

Despite all of the attempted attacks by the Enemy to keep us way from Satan, we will always be protected by him and you end up stronger than before. I remember the first enemy attack I experienced- it was very surreal but I am now to the level where enemy attacks no longer phase me. They do not work anymore.

I am at the point where nothing or no one will ever convince me that spiritual Satanism is not the true path. Spiritual Satanism is life changing and something you prove to yourself.

Hail Satan


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