The Dogon and Black Awakeninggon an overview of Black Awakening

The Dogon people are the last group within the black race to hold on to the Egyptian culture bestowed to us by our ancient and original Gods. In analyzing this, we see the remains of a beautiful satanic culture based on understanding the soul, the Gods and the world around us.
Unfortunately a portion of the Dogon population practice Islam and Christianity, the filthy and destructive programs that are connected to the enemy agenda.
The Dogon cosmology and creation story, deities, language, symbolism, culture and civic inclinations are all similar to ancient Egypt. The priesthood also is connected. As was mentioned before, Nommo in Dogon beliefs is the creator god associated with primordial waters. The name Nommo means water essentially. Nommo is similar to Nammu, another primordial "water" being representing the feminine and creation in Sumerian lore.
The primordial water theme is ever present in all Gentiles spiritual narratives, allegories and symbolism such as Oannes, Dagon and Mami Wata and other mermaid like beings. This is the Shakti force.
Curiously, the Dogon cosmology and symbolism ties in and is interconnected with scientific concept and astronomical occurrences as documented in many books and articles on these people.
Our Egyptian Gods gave this knowledge to the Gentiles races and you can see this in deeper Africa with the Dogons, the Yoruba and in certain areas in South Africa. There was a Pyramidal structure found in South Africa aligned with the pyramid of Giza, as documented in the book " Temples of the African Gods."
Its no wonder many Black people feel connected to the Egyptian daemon Gods and Kemetic culture.
I remember before coming to spiritual satanism, when I was deeply into general paganism, I chose to immerse myself in Egyptian mythology and then I started to feel attracted to that pantheon of Gods and my overall spiritual self. Shortly after, I was directed to the JoyofSatan. Many of the Egyptian daemon Gods are still in the black racial memory. This relates to many of the Black Joy of Satan members coming to Satan because of an interest in the old daemon Gods...
Hail Satan!

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