Black People Never Left Slavery- A Summary

By JoS Forum Contributions

So what happened?

Blacks were violently ripped out of their world and culture by the practice of Jewish slavery. Many authors both Jewish and Black had stated this fact. This is because Judaism states Jews are to make slaves of the Goyim the Gentiles. Jewish Christianity also created a justification for this as well.

Blacks were enslaved as cattle property for centuries by mainly Jews in a Jewish run system of slavery in a foreign society were they even had to take an alien name. There culture was stripped away and they were forced into the Jewish ideology of Christianity the ideology of their slavery.

Blacks after being freed still have the memory of being abused and on the bottom of society for centuries. There were also laws passed against them to restrict them among White society. This has created a neurosis in the Black psyche that has been documented by psychiatrists going back to the 1920's. Its a inferiority complex. This is the generational trauma of the structural violence done to them by the Jewish program. Today the Jews are constantly rubbing salt in that wound as well for a reason.

The Jews pretended they wanted to all of a sudden help the Blacks out that they dragged here, imprisoned as slaves, abused and spit on as Goyim (means "cattle" in Jew speak). The situation is the humanitarianism was a Jewish game strategy to bring about greater Jewish control with Communism. Using the Blacks as organized block to achieve this. Black leaders such as Cruse mentioned this in his own book "Crisis of the Negro Intellectual". The NAACP was run by Jewish individuals till recently why was that..? CONTROL.

Jews used business monopoly to destroy the Black business class and wealth of the Black community with desegregation to reduce them to poverty. The Jews then used Mossad with the CIA to set up the flow of drugs into their community as Gary Webb was murdered for writing about. This then destroyed the Black community the family unit and brought the gangs. The Jews then used this situation with their media to create a new Black culture in this chaos of Black identity politics. Which is meant to disempower them, frustrate them and use them as pawns in the Jewish game.

Under this new cultural regime created by Jews the Black race has almost gone extinct in America. Most Black men are in jail, killed in violence by other Blacks or on drugs. The Black community is so destroyed take away welfare and they will starve. This is how the Jews want it. Now the Blacks are under total Jewish control. With nothing of racial solitary left on any cultural, economic and community level. The Blacks on now on their knee's to the Jewish welfare state and leftist communist establishment of the Democratic Party. That use Blacks to keep pushing along the Jewish game strategy of Communism where all the Goyim are held as common property by the Jews.

In Africa the Jewish owners of Africa use Communism and the Black sell out class they have made into the political class to murder over seventy thousand Blacks just in Zimbabwe alone. This is to maintain Jewish ownership of the African nations for themselves. The same Jews are leading the Black Marxist movements in America. What do you think they might care for Blacks. Zimbabwe was conquered by the point of the gun and robbery by the agencies of the Jewish Rothschild's and now the Jews are just using a Black oppressor class instead of a White one.

What the Jews did to Blacks in America they did in Africa. The Jewish run Empires like the British and the Jewish financed and direct empires went into Africa and took the land and transferred ownership of the land the resources and the people into their control. And then committed cultural enslavement with Christianity to maintain control. When the European empires left the Jews who ran the whole thing stayed there. This is why Libya was destroyed for trying to openly liberate Africa as a slave plantation from the Jewish elites sitting in New York and London. This is also the reason there are so many wars and oppression in current Africa.

So the Blacks have been the victims of centuries of structural violence created by a Jewish supremacist globalist system.

So how can Black People change this? If one studies the Dogon a Black tribe that lives in Mali one will find the answer. The Dogon live in a tribal society of around a quarter of a million people. The Dogon leaders have Egyptian names of our Gods such as Amon and their culture is Egyptian.
They live in peace with each other and farm. They have a democratic society in which disputes are solved by public debate and the wisdom of their tribal elders. They live by and follow a spiritual wisdom they received from the ancient Nommo Gods. They don't have any of the problems the Black communities have elsewhere because they have been spared the Jewish cultural genocide of others.

In America there is a Jewish church on every Black corner and what has it done but destroy them. There is a communist ideological identity movement for Blacks run by Jews like Schwartz [Sorros's real name] what is it getting them destroyed.
The solution is Blacks must reject the system of Jewish supremacy and its structural violence waged against them. This means rejection of Christianity, Communism and Capitalism. This means Blacks must follow the Dogon way and return to the Gods and their spiritual culture once reunited with this and having their consciousness spiritualized they will succeed and secure their race.

Nommo is an ancient name of Enki the living God Satan. If one studies Voodun the sigils of this African way are sigil's identical to the Demon's sigils. The teachings of the African wisdom tradition are the same as the Sumerian's and Egyptian teachings even having the same titles of the God's such as Nana. These are the teachings of our Gods. The African traditions even have instructions on how to communicate with the Gods in other star systems spiritually.

Hail Satan!

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