The Black Hebrew Israelites

Before we get into this false ideology... Christianity is a LIE.

Exposing Christianity

The Black Hebrew Israelite movement is based on the belief that Africans of the diaspora, such as in the Americas and in the Caribbean, are not Africans but Hebrew Israelites that were sold into slavery by Africans. This ideology distorts the truth of the black race and our African roots and identity by associating it with that disgusting bible and the Jew. It creates cultural confusion and to further distance us from our true identity.
Many black's cultures and identities were 'taken' away from them during slavery and so the BHI and their claims are reliant on this but the fact of the matter is our culture and identity survived and these do correspond with Africa more than Israel and its related filth. Many blacks spiritual and religious followings also reflect Africa such as with the pagan based Voudon/Voodoo, Obeah and Orisha worship.
As far as language is concerned, take Haiti for example, creole is influenced by African language and not by Hebrew... not to mention Hebrew was stolen from the Semetic language designation. For example, the sun in Hebrew is shemesh and the sun in Babylonian was shamash. Our daemon god Azazel was known as Shamash.
Years ago, when I first came across this movement or cult, as many have claimed it to be, It reeked of an exaggerated ideology built on the deep seated oppression that blacks of America have experienced because of the Jews.

The BHI use the scriptures in the Bible as 'proof' of their claims. They have twisted scriptures to substantiate their false teachings.
And of course as with most of these extreme ideologies and movements based upon blacks and the bogus claims to give themselves an ego boost, as with the NOI, they believe that Whites are the cause of their oppression and world suffering and in this case, that white Gentiless are the result of some biblical miracle gone wrong....Not to mention the Bible is a book of Lies and stolen material that damns Gentiles humanity.

When you prove the Bible is false then the rest follows, however since many blacks associate with this movement in some way, it is important to understand the Bible and its scriptures because they clearly take it out of context...

There are different sects of the BHI with different beliefs and claims but they all have no historical evidence to back it up, whatsoever. Common sense and truth is sacrificed just for the sake of feeling superior.

Some weeks ago, I had an online debate with one of these followers and it was very tedious as it was going nowhere. He even started calling me names and constantly referring to that damned bible when I would bring up many logical points. With the things that Jews do in the Bible and all the hideous associations, it baffles me on why they would even want to be associated with that. But like with most christians, they pick and choose which verses to follow and adhere too and overlook all the evil that the Bible is.

Re-Examining their references and Bible quotes

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