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 Are White People Evil? 



It is easy to understand that the entire world, especially the Black race, would think that the White race are the ones responsible for all of Humanity's problems such as the condition Africa is in today, slavery, colonialism, poverty, environmental problems, racism, etc. Of course one would think this correct since the average person will not see the differences between the White race and the Jewish race.

The Jewish people are responsible for all the mentioned problems and they have blamed it on the White race, that is how the Jews get away with it. Even most white people don't know the difference because Jews look similar to them.

In understanding these differences we can see that the White race, like all the other races that come from Satan, is innocent and only victims to the parasite called Jews.

In observing the White race you will find that they are a fair and altruistic people, and they are NOT evil like the fucking Jew tries to trick us all into believing through propaganda and lies in the media.

White people are the ones that are the most heavily involved in humanitarian issues like the Peace Corp and donating to and helping out those starving in third world and under-developed countries (Malcom X noticed this and changed his mind about them when he witnessed it.)

The White race has ended slavery in all their nations (while slavery still goes on today in non-White nations), they commit less crime than Blacks and Hispanics (FBI statistics show this), the White race is the race that donates the most blood to Blood banks, they are virtually the only race that adopts children of other races... and of course, they are the ones who are at the foreground of the liberal progressive movements that call for equality and freedom for all minorities, and non-Whites, even if that means foolishly falling into the Jewish plan of Marxism and bringing about their own replacement and extinction.

We know that the Jews are masters of psychology, they have a psychological profile on all the races. They use our strengths and weaknesses against us. In the White race's case, their humanitarianism and altruism is getting them replaced and or killed off in their own countries. Look at Europe, the White race is foolishly taking in violent and degenerate Immigrants just so that they can help these people and stand up against racism. But now, they are paying for this since these immigrants are causing crimes, rape and murder...

In knowing all that we know about the differences between the Jewish race and the White race, is it fair for us to label White people as evil?


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