The Ancient Egyptians

It's time for us to finally visit the subject of the Egyptians. This is a hot topic for sure as both Black people and White people are putting forth claims- Blacks saying that Egypt was an all black civilization and Whites saying that it wasn't, etc. I want to say that it is normal for people to want to feel good about themselves or feel uplifted by the accomplishments of their ancestors and blood, etc. This is all normal.

The case is, Africa has always been a multi-racial and diverse continent. Whether home to Blacks, Black sub-groups, Whites and Eurasians, Arabs, Asiatics and those in between.

Ancient Egypt is several thousand years old and I do mean several. We're talking more than 30,000. The pyramids have been found to be 40,000 or more years old and they seem to predate the ancient Egyptian civilization. It is obvious that the extraterrestrial Gods helped to build the pyramids. Scientists today still cannot quite figure out how it was built...

Given that information, why is it not taken into huge consideration that there were more than once race inhabiting Egypt at different periods of time? Also, why aren't Black people looking into the fact that the Egyptian culture is seen in other places in Africa...?

Of course the Black race was in Egypt at some point thousands of years after it was settled. Many of the Black race were trained and taught the Egyptian knowledge and took it with them as they migrated. This is seen with the Black Yorubas, the Bantu and the Dogon. The Egyptian priesthood of the ancient Egyptians and the Dogon shows they came from the same place. However there is no disputing that the Pre-Dynastic mummies that were found were white.

All the races that lived in Africa, Egypt included, were given the same knowledge and culture. It came from the same source. The Gods interacted with the Gentile races in Egypt, which was the center of the Egyptian culture and knowledge.

The Egyptian Gods and the Black Race

A quote from a clergy member that further expands on what was mentioned:

"With Ancient Egypt its known the Egyptian records that Egypt was settled by the Shemsu Hor, the White People who came out of the east. The pre dynastic tombs are of White Peoples. The Dynastic period was the last part of their history. The very ancient ethnic Egyptians the Coptic's are mainly White like the Kurds and others. The pre dynastic Egyptian tombs showed they were white.

It was an ancient tradition to show men with red skin and women as white. The Greeks did the same. At some point a lot of race mixing took over. Despite the Egyptians attempt to stop it. Today you can see all kinds of people in Egypt. Native Whites from the Coptic's who are from the ancient world as a community, mixed race people, Blacks and on." The last Pharaoh was Nubian but that was the end point of Egyptian civilization. He reigned for a few years then the Assyrians invaded. And took half of Egypt, then came the Persian's not too long later, then the Greeks, Roman's and Arabs"

The amount of information circulating around on the Ancient Egyptians is vast. Im not going to go over every bit of information just to try to prove or dismiss something as complex as this topic, even though evidence shows that Ancient Egypt was not an all Black civilization from the beginning. The fact is Black people are connected to Ancient Egypt, in the form of our Egypyian Daemon Gods, their culture and the sacred knowledge they preserved and that's enough for me.

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