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  More on the Black Race and Ancestry   


The continent of Africa is very vast and diverse- there are many Black African groups and nations. Africa has a very wide genetic variation in the people living there.

Its must be understood that the continent of Africa has always been, in one way or the other, multi-racial.

Even though Africa is the ancestral homeland of the Black race, it is important to know that there are differences and variations of the Blacks in Africa. There are many African sub races--the Khoisan, the Bushmen, the Zulu, the Berbers, the Masaai, the Bantu and much more. Many of the different Black groups in Africa have psychological and physical traits that are different from each other.

The idea that in Africa there is just ONE universal Black race that is all the same and united is not correct. Although we would like to think so, they are not. Some groups are also more advanced than others.

 Unfortunately, tribes of different Black racial groups have been competing, going to war and or invading each other for a very long time. Different African tribes see any one not of their own as an outsider and potential enemy. 

On the subject of Ancestry, the majority of Black people in the Americas are descended from the Black gentiles of Western Africa-- up and down the Coast, particularly from Nigeria and Cameroon. You can see the remainder of traditional African religion from these places still being practiced today by many Blacks in the Americas, the Islands and in Cuba and Brazil, Haiti, etc.

Vodun, Odinani, Ifa-Orisha and the Serer religion are in the racial memory of many Blacks, including in the Americas, as these are West African traditional religions practiced by our ancestors.

Traditional African Religion

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