Traditional African Religion and Satanism

The serpent has been worshiped in Africa since the beginning. In most of the beliefs and practices of Africa, it is the highest form of cosmic power, next to the Sun. The serpent is also analogous to bliss, wisdom, benevolence and regeneration. It is a primordial force.

Many of the traditional beliefs in Africa are left overs of the traditional pagan religion of our ancestors which are branches and sects of spiritual satanism. These traditions are thousands of years old but have watered down and have become small fragments of the the grand satanic way which all cultures practiced. Our ancestors knew of the importance of spiritual advancement and were well on the way until the coming of Christianity and other enemy programs.

In many traditional African beliefs, you have the stories of the rainbow serpent heaven, underworld snakes and water, serpent Gods and guides and old python cults. There is also emphasis on metal working and smithery, ancestor and spirit veneration and gaining spiritual awareness and ascension through the Gods, which are the chakras and our old Gods.
The Mande people in West Africa had knowledge of transforming the soul through working with the "metals"(chakras) of the earth and were skilled magicians.
In some of the traditional African beliefs, Satan and the Gods are blatantly referenced. In East Africa, the Maasai people still worship and follow a being called "Enkai", this being was said to have given the Maasai people the knowledge to farm and encouraged peace, represented fertility and the Sun. Father Satan's name is "Enki". It is clear that the African god Enkai and Enki are the same being. "Enkai" means "One in the Sky" and "the most supreme and unique".

In the Vodun/Voodoo religion, there are serpent temples and ceremonies which use real snakes to symbolize the rebirth of the soul and the initiation into priesthood. In Vodun, Legba is an aspect of Father Satan.

In the Serer religion, the primary symbol of the divine and the ancestors who have ascended are two coiled serpents. Similar to the caduceus symbol. They are called Fan Qool/Pangool.

The rainbow serpent, common in many parts of Africa, is another meaning for the kundalini serpent and the chakras. As the serpent moves towards heaven (crown chakra) he carries the thunder god on his back. This is the life force and energy from the serpent. Snakes and water are a common theme in many traditional African religions. The Water is the life force and shakti energy. The feminine principle.

At the end of it all, this is why we are here. We need to renew our ancestors traditions and fulfill our destiny- to finish what was started. Satan and the Daemon Gods are the way.
Hail Satan!

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